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Local History

These lands of Portugal conquered to the moors and given by king D. Afonso Henriques to D. Gualdim Pais (Great-Master of the Order of the Templars, transferred later to the Order of Christos, which knowledge where extremely important to the Portuguese’s discovers overseas), were a stage and an inspiration to important historical events along almost nine centuries, which allows, between advances and retreats, to transform Tomar in the present city.  

Tomar has around 15 thousand inhabitants, it is located in the District of Santarém and it is crossed by Nabão River. Here there are monuments with different traces (Romanic, Gothic, Manueline, Renaissance, Mannerist and Baroque), namely those started under the orders of D. Gualdim Pais (1160), such as Tomar Castle, Convent of Christos, (declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1983) and Santa Maria do Olival Church (considered as an inspiration to all new churches build in Azores, Madeira, Africa, Brazil, India and Asia). 

It is in this stage of important historical events that is the academic campus of Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT), where will take place the JOCLAD2012, which Scientific Program, we believe, will also marc the history of this Institution. In the Social Program of the meeting, we will try, if possible, back to the Templar time, increasing the will of losing ourselves in the charms of the city!  


Weather in Tomar.